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Southern California Wedding Plans [entries|friends|calendar]
Southern California Wedding Plans

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Laguna Beach wedding photography [02 Sep 2010|12:01pm]

beach wedding

Eva & Andrew
August 24th, 2010
Private residence in Laguna Beach, CA

Photography: Molly + Matt of Luminaire Images

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winter winery wedding [24 Feb 2010|02:58pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

 Lindsey & Harvey got married this Sunday at Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula, CA. I hadn't been to this venue in a couple years but I am absolutely floored at how they've expanded and rennovated to accommodate large events.  Very beautiful and impressive!

See more at (the blog post)

Photography by Molly & Matt of Luminaire Images
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Trash-the-Dress: Dogwash style! [03 Sep 2009|03:31pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

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last minute photographer [06 Aug 2008|08:46pm]

well i think i'm screwed so this is a long shot. i am getting married in Laguna Beach August 16 and a reception to follow in Mission Viejo. i HAD a photographer from my hometown (vancouver BC) who flaked on some stupid things to come here and decided not to tell me till yesterday. any ideas on where i can find a photographer on such short notice? ugh.. stressed and sad.
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looking for a dress... [15 Jul 2008|09:13pm]

hi there,

i'm new to orange county from vancouver, canada. i currently live with my future husband in the mission viejo area. we are getting married august 16, 2008 and i need a dress. i don't want a regular fancy poofy wedding dress i want a regular party dress which is fun (being white isn't too important). coming from vancouver i notice there doesn't seem to be a real downtown area to go shopping (or maybe i'm wrong). i have been to many of the malls here without finding much of anything i like in the dress department. are there any places that anyone can reccomend? it doesn't help either that i'm a size 12 so maybe fancy designer stuff won't cater to me. any ideas are welcome, i have a car so i don't mind commuting as far as an hour or so away.

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Officiant's Available [07 Apr 2008|06:32pm]
Are you getting married? renewing your wedding vows? or having a commitment ceremony? Then you need an Officiant??  Please feel free to contact me at socalofficiants@yahoo.com .  We have many contacts in the industry if you need any help preparing for your big day.

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[04 Apr 2008|10:11am]

Are any of you getting married or know someone getting married? Or do you need some jewelry for a special occasion of another sort?

I made this necklace and earring set a while ago. But it has not sold. I would really like to get it to someone who could use it.

the photo is large, so I placed it under the cutCollapse )
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Tahiti travel agent recommendation [19 Feb 2008|09:04am]

If anyone is thinking about honeymooning in Tahiti, I just wanted to let you all know I met an amazing travel agent who specializes in that area. Please drop me a line if you're interested and I'll give you her info!

(sorry, this is x-posted to the weddingplans community)
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Hi [12 Feb 2008|01:44pm]

[ mood | working ]

No one has posted here in awhile and I am new, so I thought I would say Hi.

My name is Danielle and I am a SoCal Bride. I will be getting married at Holy Family Church in Orange and having my reception at the Westminter Manor in Westminster.
I grew up in North Tustin but currently live in Old Town Tustin.

My wedding date is Dec. 20, 2008


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[15 Dec 2007|02:24pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey, I have been married for a couple years now. I did not know how to contact the moderator from the info page as it stated the journal "purplesharpie" was deleted. I found out about honeymoon registries recently, and wanted to know if I was allowed to share a link. I didn't know if it qualified as advertising, but I am helping someone with her wedding and I just wish I had had that opportunity as my husband and I already had a lot of the basic essentials (towels, toaster, blender, ice cream scoop, etc.!), and some assistance with our honeymoon would have been awesome. Anyway, if I am allowed to post links like that, let me know, or if someone could direct me to the person to contact, that would be fantastic as well.

Thank you in an advance.


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Some new things [08 Nov 2007|04:23pm]

This post is long over-due as I finished the jewelry in September and the wedding that the necklaces were made for was in October.

I was commissioned by a bride to make four necklaces for her bridesmaids to wear in her wedding. I had previously made four bracelets for the same bride, which she had given to her bridesmaids when she asked them to stand with her at the wedding. The necklaces were made to go along with the bracelets and compliment them but not necessarily be matchy-matchy. Both bracelets and necklaces were made with real pearls or various shapes and sizes, garnet Swarovski crystals and crystal Swarovski crystals. They were made in various lengths to accommodate the wearers.

I was pleased with the necklaces (and bracelets) and I believe the bride was pleased as well. I can only hope that her bridesmaids liked and appreciated the jewelry. Hopefully they find many occassions in the future to wear it!

2 more pictures of the necklaces, plus one of the bracelets for good measureCollapse )

I have another wedding necklace and bracelet set that I have to edit the photos for to post soon. there's only one set left on my site for sale and I just marked down the price.
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Alterations [23 Jun 2007|12:52am]

Hi, I live in Los Angeles but getting married in Ohio (insert lots of rational explanation here).

Wedding date is October 6th of this year. I ordered my dress from Bridal and Formal in Cincinnati in January and it just arrived today!

Oy, so just as I thought a size 6 is too big. I need someone good here in the greater Los Angeles area who can take in a dress with some obstacles.

Could someone please give me a fantastic referral to someone they used and loved?
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[02 May 2007|05:43pm]


First the florist cancelled. Now, the freaking PHOTOGRAPHER. He was my high school video teacher that I had stayed close with - he'd done my sister's wedding and now he was going to do mine completely free of charge. And now, he CANCELLED.

We have absolutely no money put aside for photos. There's no way we can get the money, our paychecks for the next six weeks are dedicated to food for the reception. Our wedding is in less than two months.

This is a pathetic cry for help, but I thought I'd heard of photo students who would do a wedding for free if they could use the photos for a portfolio. If anyone knows of anyone who might be willing to do this in the SoCal area, let me know. The very very most we could pay is $300, and that would be very hard on us.
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Preferred Vendors? [01 May 2007|10:53am]

Hey there!
I am an Event Planner located in Orange County, serving OC/LA/IE.
Can you let me know where the "preferred vendors" list is and how one becomes a member?

Thanks! and Happy Planning to all :)

Save the Date! Event Planning
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[11 Apr 2007|09:21pm]

-scream of frustration!- I'm two and a half months out and my florist just cancelled on me!! She's going to Japan for a month! Gods know how long she's been planning the trip and she didn't let me know until just now when -I- called -her-. The worst part is, she's a family friend and she was going to do all of the bouquets basically at-cost. So I didn't budget a lot for the flowers. Now I have to find a cheap florist in Southern California. I'm in Orange County and my budget is hopefully less than $300 for this. If anyone knows a person who works out of their home and might be a bit cheaper, that would be great too.

I'm DIYing almost everything else, but this is one area where I have absolutely no talent or experience. I took a look at a few books on the subject awhile ago for ideas, and the instructions were really overwhelming to me. x.x Thanks for any help you guys could give.

[Edit} I'm a moron, link is fixed!
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where da weddin'? [21 Mar 2007|12:23am]

i know there are two posts immediately preceding mine concerning locations, but my issue's slightly different than theirs, so any advice would be very much appreciated.

my fiance and i have been having some trouble trying to find a place for our wedding and reception (ideally, we WOULD like to have both in the same location). our constraints are that we're trying to refrain from going too far above $5,000, would like someplace that has access to both indoors and out, that will accommodate our creepy aesthetic, that has catering which is vegan-friendly, that is located in either ventura or l.a. county, and that is available for an evening wedding. if you know of any place even VAGUELY resembling this, pleasepleaseplease share!

or, if you have had a positive experience somewhere that doesn't necessarily fit the above, please let us know that, too. i'm getting a bit desperate, as we plan to have the wedding in early November and i'll be going back to school in Santa Cruz for a while, effectively rendering my socal searching days a-numbered.

thankyouthankyouthankyou so much to anyone who can help in any way!
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[09 Feb 2007|06:11am]

Hey all! I just joined here because I'm having a lot of trouble with finding a location for my wedding. It's June 23 and I know, we're already long overdue to have a place booked. We were waiting on his parents to get a big check and they finally did. We went to book the place we had our heart set on... and someone else had booked it two days previous. I've been crying for the past two days.

I finally pulled my face out of the pillow and returned to a place I'd researched earlier. It's actually not that bad - basically the same thing for the same price, with one major difference: the first place had a lovely gazebo outside that they were going to let us use for the ceremony for only $75! And the new place does not have anything like that. If I recall, they may have another room in the center that I could rent, but I'm not positive and I'm sure it was expensive. I may be jumping the gun since I still have to call the place on Monday and ask if it's available, but in the meantime I still need to find a place for the ceremony just in case.

The things I absolutely need:
- In the Santa Ana/Tustin area
- NOT a church or religious place
- An electrical outlet available
- Able to seat 100-125 people. If I have to supply the chairs, that's fine too, but it has to have the room for them.
- The cheaper the better. It has to be under $700, preferably much less.

Outdoors would be great, as I'm pagan, but it's negotiable at this point. I'd also like it to be pretty in its own right, since we can't spend a ton on decorating. Do you guys have any ideas? Thank you so, so much.
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[04 Feb 2007|12:02am]


Does anyone know of a good SoCal venue for a ceremony only? We decided to have our reception at a hotel, and I am having the most difficult of times finding a pretty place for the ceremony. It seems like most venues are ceremony+reception only.

Anyone else having this problem?
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Gift Bags [20 Dec 2006|10:18am]

Hey SoCal brides! What sorts of things did you put in your gift bags for out of town guests? I have some ideas, but I also was curious what other folks did. We're planning to include things that are local or unique to L.A./So.Cal. Did anyone else do that?

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[30 Aug 2006|10:51pm]

I recently finished a commission for pinksunset724. She commissioned me to make her six necklace and earring sets for her bridesmaids and a matching flower girl necklace and bracelet set.

Here are my creations for her big day.Collapse )
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