walking backwards (violatedviolet) wrote in socalwedding,
walking backwards

looking for a dress...

hi there,

i'm new to orange county from vancouver, canada. i currently live with my future husband in the mission viejo area. we are getting married august 16, 2008 and i need a dress. i don't want a regular fancy poofy wedding dress i want a regular party dress which is fun (being white isn't too important). coming from vancouver i notice there doesn't seem to be a real downtown area to go shopping (or maybe i'm wrong). i have been to many of the malls here without finding much of anything i like in the dress department. are there any places that anyone can reccomend? it doesn't help either that i'm a size 12 so maybe fancy designer stuff won't cater to me. any ideas are welcome, i have a car so i don't mind commuting as far as an hour or so away.

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